A word from the secretary general

"With the revised legislation, the AP Funds and the Council on Ethics will have an even more powerful mandate regarding sustainability"

The Council on Ethics of the Swedish AP Funds Annual Report 2018 – New issues in focus during 2018

Press release, June 11, 2019

For more than 10 years, the AP Funds’ Council on Ethics has exercised influence on the AP Funds’ global portfolio of listed companies to improve their environmental, human rights and corporate governance work through engagement and dialogue. During 2018, the engagement and efforts of the Council on Ethics have been directed at problem areas such as Facebook and human rights; the use of pesticides threatening the survival of bees; and the legalisation of cannabis in Canada and the emergence of listed cannabis companies. Other focus areas have been oil companies’ long-term climate work, deforestation in South America, and tailings dams in Brazil.